Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Bank 24/7 Recording and No Video Loss with Dual Copies

Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Bank 24/7 Recording and No Video Loss with Dual Copies

New Taipei City, Taiwan Oct 16, 2018 Surveon Technology, the complete megapixel solutions provider, is pleased to announce that one of the banks in Bangladesh has adopted Surveon end-to-end solutions. With Surveon Avatar Failover, which supports the system to continuously record through collaborative NVRs, the bank can easily secure the assets of its clients and ensure the safety for all people in every aspect.


No Video Loss with Dual Copies

To avoid any confidential video loss, the bank needed dual copies of recording videos for all time, even if one of NVRs fails. Surveon provides total 14 CAM4471HEV, including two spare cameras and 12 cameras for recording, its videos will be saved in 2 NVR7316A1 simultaneously, providing dual video copies for the bank, ensuring 0% loss with valuable data.

Figure 1: Normal Recording – Video Records to Both NVR1 & NVR2


24/7 Recording with Avatar Failover Solution

To prevent any dispute between bank and customers, the bank required the solution provides sufficient reliability for 24/7 recording, once the conflicts happened, the evidences like videos can assist the investigation. The bank has adopted Surveon Avatar Failover, which supports mutual failover among NVRs and is composed by 2 sets of NVR7316A1 + JBOD, each NVR7316A1 is with 12 recording licenses and 12 failover licenses. When disaster happened, the failover NVR can not only take over the recording work of protected NVR but also clone the original settings of it, making itself become an avatar of protected NVR, realizing non-stop recording for 24/7.

Figure 2: Failover Activated (If NVR1 down) – Video Records to Both NVR2 & NVR2's JBOD


Figure 3: Failover Activated (If NVR2 down) – Video Records to Both NVR1 & NVR1's JBOD


Reliable Operation with Spare Drive Protection

Any parts fail will make the system to stop recording, especially hard disks. The bank asked the system to well operate even if hard disks fail. Surveon RAID + Spare volume gives the bank a hot-spare that is ready to synchronize data immediately should a hard disk fail. If a hard disk fails, the data will start to synchronize with the spare, giving the bank enough time to replace the failed hard disk after being notified. NVR7300 Series provides different protection levels with RAID1, 5, 6, 1+Spare, 5+Spare, 6+Spare options, and the bank choose to backup its valuable videos with RAID6+Spare mode whether in normal or failover recording.

Figure 4: Spare Drive Protection


"From camera, NVR, JBOD to VMS, Surveon total solutions always support Navana to win clients' heart. The unique Avatar Failover keeps bank's confidential videos and data in safe, making our customer very satisfied with the result." said Navana InterLinks, the major partner of Surveon in Bangladesh. For more reference about Surveon bank solutions and the success case, please email to or visit at


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