Surveon Education Solutions

Without a doubt, safety remains a critical concern for schools as violence, burglaries and shooting incidents usually happen unexpectedly. Traditional DVR solutions were no longer able to meet its surveillance needs, authorities started looking for an advanced surveillance solutions, such as megapixel quality image and alert notification system to tighten up campus security.

In order to upgrade and design a suitable system for education surveillance, we might face some challenges:


Emergency Notification

Schools require the solution to provide seamless communication across departments with effective emergency services.


Wide Area Coverage

General speaking, the number of security guards in the campus is often limited, thus it needs to rely on a reliable surveillance system to cover every coroner to detect vandalisms and potential threats in time.


Access Control Integration

Without using physical keys, locks and expensive licenses to open the doors, schools expect the solution to offer one easy and consistent access, making security system more efficient on campus.

Surveon Makes the Differences in Education Surveillance

Real-time Video Analytics & Notifications

The VA function ensure rapid and accurate action to protect the students and faculties from threats in time.


I/O Devices Alarms Management

Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive events such as intrusion detection and fire alarm with high I/O, controlling the situation and warning the teachers and students across departments.


Smooth Access Control Integration

It's fully compatible with major third party access control systems, providing both efficient and economical solution for education surveillance.


Multi-Access for Easy Surveillance

The multiple accesses from web, remote, and mobile clients allow security guards to manage surveillance anywhere in the school; incidents such as theft and vandalism can be stopped in time.

System Architecture