July 2011


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 12, 2011 – Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, today announced it has expanded the SMR (Smart Megapixel Recorder) Series of RAID NVR solutions with new SMR 5000 systems. Designed to meet the needs of megapixel video surveillance, the new SMR systems feature up to 20 channels with a local display of 1920x1080. The systems enable users to easily deploy up to twenty 3-megapixel cameras in a single compact NVR solution with professional features including local live viewing, real time analytics, video bookmarking, playback, remote monitoring, HTML overlay and domain management.

In a compact system design, the SMR 5000 systems accommodate five hot-swappable disk drives with RAID 5 for easy installation and data protection. The all-in-one, compact non-COTS system design offers a highly integrated and proven solution for security integrators, reducing the installation, compatibility and maintenance issues associated with traditional PC+VMS solutions, and enabling them to easily upgrade to professional small- to medium-sized megapixel surveillance solutions. In particular, the systems are well-suited for retail, hospitality, school, SMB, community or manufacturing surveillance.

SMR5020 Performance Table
Encoding Res. FPS Bit Rate Max Channels Total Bit Rate VI Channels Local Live
H.264 1.3M 25 4 20 80 4 Yes
H.264 2M 20 4 20 80 4 Yes
H.264 3M 15 4 20 80 4 Yes

* VI = missing object, forbidden area, intrusion detection

SMR 5000 Series vs. Traditional PC NVR
Encoding SMR 5000 Series Traditional PC NVR
Disk Drives 5 (hot-swappable) Usually 2 (internal)
Megapixel Channels 20 Usually < 10
Dimension 225(H) x 175(W) x 245(D) mm 436(H) x 200(W) x 478(D) mm
In-house vs. COTS 100% In-house COTS


As with all of Surveon’s NVR solutions, the SMR 5000 systems offer low power consumption to help users reduce energy expenses and contribute to a better environment. In addition, Surveon SMR solutions feature 100% in-house design and production, enhancing product stability and ensuring quality consistency throughout Surveon’s comprehensive product line-up.

For more information, please visit www.surveon.com.