October 2014

For a mission-critical project like city surveillance, it calls for not only high performance and reliable solutions, but the capability to handle the harsh outdoor environment and large data storage for 24/7 non-stop recording for 90 days.  With Surveon’s end to end solutions, from 3 megapixel cameras, hardware RAID NVR, clustered storage, to enterprise VMS, the Sükhbaatar district police are better equipped to monitor and protect the community against illegal activities.


With extreme temperatures ranging from −49 °C (−56 °F) to 38.6 °C (101.5 °F) in the year, the harsh weather conditions challenge outdoor cameras to function properly and record clear images day and night.  And a reliable storage system that supports continuous 24/7 megapixel recording for 90 days is necessary. Furthermore, centralized management, remote monitoring and the advanced TV-matrix wall are the key demands in the implementation.


Surveon CAM3471 provides 2048 x 1536 resolution at 30fps, true HDR (high dynamic range), IP66-rated weatherproof housing, and wide temperature to combat the harsh conditions.  With the smart image optimizers, Surveon cameras can analyze lighting changes and automatically adjust the image functions to ensure clarity can be obtained under different lightings. 

Surveon’s intuitive VMS provides enterprise-level features such as real-time analytics, live view, instant playback, multiple clients, video bookmarking, remote monitoring, and centralized domain management. With a single login at any remote location to the central domain server, the Surveon Control Center (SCC) can take controls of monitoring, playback, configurations, and log management of all connected appliances. The SCC also supports the advanced TV-matrix wall and central alarm that allow the police to control operations, ease maintenance, and shorten response time.

The EonStor RAID storage is an advanced data storage subsystem for NVR2100. The controller-based system with a dedicated “RAID controller” provides the highest performance and reliability with all data protected and backed up. The NVR2100 also comes with the SANwatch storage monitoring suite which helps the police easily manage and monitor the status of the storage, ensuring the high availability of recorded video.


“We can view the footage in real-time to determine what resources are needed before dispatching the team. The result is faster and more effective crime prevention and security management. We are pleased to have deployed Surveon’s end to end professional solutions,” said the Sükhbaatar district police officer.

For more information, please go to www.surveon.com.