August 2014

For any large stores, security is always one of the top concerns and IP surveillance is becoming the norm in the retail sector.  With Surveon’s end to end solutions, Coseimpa, a construction materials distributor in Venezuela, has easily upgraded to the advanced surveillance in their stores to provide a safe environment for people and goods and to have business practices and overall cost savings improved.


Conventional analog systems can no longer meet the security requirements of large stores in terms of resolution and central management.  Store surveillance needs high quality, reliable solutions that support megapixel recording for 30 days and prevent video loss. In addition, the system must be able to be integrated with the existing surveillance investment so that no money is wasted.


While it usually takes two to three traditional dome cameras, with one Surveon CAM7511 5 megapixel 360° fisheye camera, the entire cashier area is covered without any blind spot. The Surveon CAM6351, a PTZ solution, was implemented to monitor the exterior areas of the warehouses and the streets, with IP66, wide temperature, vandal proof housing design and a built-in fan heater perfect for outdoor usage.

Supporting up to 64-channel Full HD recording, the Surveon NVR2100 with hardware RAID was chosen to provide large capacities up to 448 TB for longer video retention periods, overall system stability and zero video loss. It also offers the industrial grade designed features, such as hot-swappable, redundant components and thermal-proven cables, empowering the NVR2100 to meet the stringent demands of 24/7 non-stop megapixel recording.

Paired with the Surveon VMS Enterprise, the solution simplifies the usually complicated video management and provides statistical purposes to reduce inventory shrinkage, control stock, optimize store design, traffic flow, and point of purchase displays to improve sales, study employee and customer interactions, and therefore business intelligence can be achieved. 


"Integration with Surveon’s comprehensive solution strengthens our surveillance and business practices. We really look forward to continuing to work with Surveon to achieve the full integration with IP surveillance in our store expansion plan," said the security manager of Coseimpa.

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