November 2013

A major city in Southern Taiwan planned to upgrade its inner city surveillance system to provide safety and security for its population of 2.8 million in 38 districts. The project would include upgrading to megapixel solutions that can be fully integrated with the control center, branches, sub-station junctions and the existing IT infrastructure.


The widely distributed network areas, scalable architecture, and maintenance issues were the challenges the SI first faced in this project. The heat, humidity, temperature changes, and complex lighting conditions in the outdoor environments were also obstacles to overcome. And the 3,000 camera installations across the city would easily lead to high maintenance; any RMA would cost more resource, time and money for the SI to evaluate the situation and conduct the repair.


Surveon 3 megapixel cameras provide the high image quality with low light performance. With a maximum 2048x1536 resolution, Full HD real-time video recording, and features such as DC iris and WDR, the cameras are the ideal solutions for high-level security applications.


Designed for city surveillance, Surveon cameras also offer other advanced features including offline recording to compensate the limited bandwidth issue, advanced profile image settings to ensure a fixed image quality under different lighting environments, network detection and iSCSI supported. 


Every Surveon’s product is in-house designed and manufactured with industrial-grade components and backed with the 3-year warranty.  More than 300 hours of verifications and validations have been carried out before production in the self-own, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site. Moreover, Surveon’s products are under strict examinations, full QA processes and 8+-hour-burn-in tests before any delivery.  Through high quality production management system, the quality of every product can be assured. 


“It’s a must for traffic surveillance to have high image quality and clear visibility even under low light conditions. Besides that, reliability is our top concern,” said Tony Chan, the city surveillance project manager.  “We have 3,000 cameras installed on the streets. A 5% failure rate in any aspect would account for 150 cameras to be repaired and a very high cost for us. Surveon’s industrial designed and 100% own manufactured cameras have made us feel confident about this project. The cameras are now being used for a few years with an average failure rate of less than 0.03% which is really impressive,” said Chan. 


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