May 2013

Gürbulak is located in eastern Turkey and the only border door into Iran. As one of the major border checkpoints in the Middle East, Gürbulak required a major upgrade to megapixel surveillance to provide sufficient security in its tough environment.


The Gürbulak Border Checkpoint covers 160 decares of land, 75,000 square meters of wide road and park space, and 16,000 square meters of closed space – all of the areas must be carefully monitored.  The government spent a lot of resource on man power for surveillance and was eager to adopt a more efficient method using the advanced megapixel surveillance. However the extremely complicated integration and verification tasks for megapixel surveillance not only consume the project manager many invisible resources, but also contain potential risks of integration.
Table 1: The I/O and Storage Performance for 32 Cameras

Type Resolution I/O (Mbps) Storage 14 Days Storage 28 Days
CIF 320x240 0.5 2.4 TB 5.2 TB
D1 720x480 1.5 7.3 TB 15.5 TB
1.3 Megapixel 1280x960 4 19.4 TB 41.5 TB
2 Megapixel 1920x1080 6 29 TB 62.2 TB
3 Megapixel 2048x1536 6 29 TB 62.2 TB


Surveon’s megapixel solutions, which contain IP cameras, hardware RAID NVR, IP storage and enterprise centralized management software, were deployed at the Gürbulak Border Checkpoint. 3 megapixel IP cameras were installed in the key locations to efficiently monitor the areas with hundreds of people and vehicles coming in and going out: CAM3365 3 megapixel IP66 bullet cameras for day and night usage, CAM4360 Full HD vandal proof outdoor domes, and CAM6351 Full HD autofocus PTZ speed dome for outdoor surveillance. All devices are built with industrial grade components, which lead to reliable solutions that reduce maintenance cost.


Network video recording is handled by Surveon’s enterprise grade NVR2000 series, which offers up to 64-channel megapixel recording and 120 days of video content storage. Surveon’s iSCSI-based RAID NVR provides scalable architecture which brings lower maintenance effort, fewer required hard disks and lower cost.

Surveon enterprise centralized management software is built with client-server architecture and adopts central management style, which is also easily scalable. Its active VI detection function has a pre-configured base for a number of scenarios, such as intrusion detection at and around the checkpoint, examination of important gates and detection in the park areas. The smart investigation feature distinguishes what is important from what is not, turning raw surveillance videos into useful information. The recorded events are analyzed and labeled with details such as time, date, direction, color and size of the objects.

Surveon’s clustered video storage solutions come with the SANwatch storage monitoring suite which helps customers easily manage and monitor the status of their storage systems. The data protection functions provided by SANwatch storage monitoring suite ensure the highest availability of recorded videos and events; no data loss is allowed.


“Surveon uses 3-year warranty industry-grade components instead of conventional consumer-based components and deploys IP66, vandal proof and in-house high quality control production process. These have resulted in great improvement on product quality and indeed saved massive management cost for us,” said Fatih Kilic of Biges Technologies, the security project manager of Gürbulak Border Checkpoint.

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