January 2013


Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), a subsidiary of Progress Rail Services, is a business entity in Caterpillar Group. Located in Minas Gerais, Brazil and covering 15,000 meters of built area, the factory planned to expand its capacity to be able to manufacture 100 locomotives a year with 4,000 HP power. The number of employees should reach 600 before the completion of the project.


EMD was looking for a megapixel solution to secure its open and large property including four sheds, a storage area without coverage, three buildings (office, cafeteria and locker room), and various entrances and exits (people and vehicles). Megapixel solutions indeed offer significant benefits, but the large number of megapixel cameras and the need for 24/7 recording present many difficult issues for the system integrator: I/O performance of traditional NVRs, stable integration of storage solutions, and overall installation of a proven solution that can assure end-to-end integration. To successfully deal with all these issues, EMD adopted Surveon’s eminent end-to-end megapixel solution including cameras, SMR and enterprise VMS solutions.
Table 1: The I/O and Storage Performance for 32 Cameras

Type Resolution I/O (Mbps) Storage 14 Days Storage 28 Days
CIF 320x240 0.5 2.4 TB 5.2 TB
D1 720x480 1.5 7.3 TB 15.5 TB
1.3 Megapixel 1280x960 4 19.4 TB 41.5 TB
2 Megapixel 1920x1080 6 29 TB 62.2 TB
3 Megapixel 2048x1536 6 29 TB 62.2 TB


The surveillance system is connected to the corporate data network which allows monitoring in real time the production line worker’s safety, management departments, and the status of the entire plant without compromising data transmission. Surveon’s SMR8032 desktop hardware RAID megapixel recorders were installed in the data center, while CAM1301, 2 megapixel day/night compact box cameras and CAM2321, 3 megapixel day/night WDR box cameras were connected to four network racks installed in the sheds and were interconnected via fiber optics. This configuration has created a dedicated VLAN for security equipment. 


CAM1301 offers a wide array of features including the compact size, 1920x1080 video resolution, H.264 simultaneous video streams, PoE and backend video analytics capability. CAM2321, equipped with the Sony Exmor image sensor, provides high image quality and low light performance. With maximum 2048x1536 resolution and Full HD video performance, in addition to features such as DC iris and WDR, the cameras are ideal solutions for high-level security applications.

The Smart Megapixel Recorders (SMR) are embedded with Surveon’s intuitive VMS software and provide enterprise-level features such as local live viewing with megapixel quality, real-time analytics, multi-display, video bookmarking, instant playback, remote monitoring, web client, mobile client, HTML overlay and domain management. It comes with an easy-to-use desktop form factor and provides high I/O rates, large capacities, and overall system stability necessary to help system integrators easily meet the demands of megapixel environments.

“With Surveon systems, it is possible to ensure the monitoring of the entire premises with limited number of guards. All images are live viewed in two monitors where the guards can see all terrains and receive intrusion alerts through real-time video analytics and therefore act more assertively and effectively,” said Marco Wardil of Wimpex, the security project manager for EMD.

For more information, please go to www.surveon.com.