May 2012

OMNILIFE, the leader in the production of high quality nutritional supplements in Latin America, planned to adapt a megapixel surveillance system for its factory premises in Caloto, Colombia. However, the large quantity of megapixel cameras and the need for 48-channel and 120-day recording presented many difficult issues for system integrators, including the I/O performance of traditional NVR, stable integration of storage systems, and proven solutions that can assure end-to-end integration.


“We had to deal with many issues from hardware integration to software configuration,”said Luis Fernando Arbelaez of R.G. Distribuciones, Surveon's partner in Colombia.“For example, software is often unstable running 24/7 on a commercial PC, and storage integration and configuration are extremely difficult for security installers. We must commit extra time and resources on system integration and maintenance, and all the efforts add up to a higher cost for customers.”


Now powered by Surveon's complete megapixel solutions, OMNILIFE's factory security has been successfully upgraded without any integration or capacity issues. Using Surveon's NVR2000 series with high-level 60TB hardware RAID controller, real-time VI analytics, and the full selection of industrial-grade cameras, the security integrator was able to provide reliability and stability to the customer, and at the same time, minimize costs and maintenance efforts.

Integration Risks for Megapixel Surveillance Projects

Integration Camera and VMS NVR and VMS NVR and Storage
Risks No matured ONVIF standards Non- professional NVR (use PC or COTS) Low recording performance & reliability
Impacts Unstable connection & video lost
  • Compatibility issues
  • Unstable for 24/7 operations
  • Unstable system & video lost
    Risk Level High High High
    Solutions Surveon's end-to-end megapixel solutions Surveon's own design, professional NVR Surveon's own design HW RAID NVR and storage


    Surveon's IP cameras were installed in the perimeter of the factory and the production areas to better monitor the premises: CAM2400 and CAM2320 box cameras for day and night usage, CAM4220 fixed domes, and CAM6160 speed domes for outdoor surveillance. Network video recording is handled by Surveon’s NVR2048, which offers up to 48-channel megapixel recording and 36 hard drives for video content storage for 120 days.


    Surveon’s hardware RAID NVR makes capturing, analyzing, managing and searching video surveillance easier and faster. Its active VI detection has a pre-configured base for a number of scenarios, such as intrusion detection in and around the factory, examination of important gates or parking lot detection. The NVR distinguishes what is important from what is not, turning the raw surveillance videos into useful information. The recorded events are analyzed and labeled with details such as time, date, direction, color and size of the objects.


    “Surveon is the best available choice due to its 100% in-house production and 3-year warranty,”said Arbelaez. Surveon's highly integrated solutions, including megapixel cameras and hardware NVR, not only speed up project planning for system integrators with high integration and stability, but also meet the need for full service support.


    “Working with Surveon, we have reduced the integration risks and saved huge effort and cost on solution verification. As a result, we have increased our competitiveness on megapixel project management.”said Arbelaez.

    For more information, please go to or visit Surveon’s IFSEC booth: Hall4, G120.