October 2011

The overwhelming advantages of megapixel cameras in terms of image clarity have pushed the adoption from large-scale projects to any application featuring stringent customer requirements, including schools, government institutions, hotels, hospitals, enterprises and factories. These advantages were recognized by the City Hospital in Skopje, Macedonia, which adopted Surveon’s complete megapixel solution to enhance the hospital’s surveillance systems. Compared to the CCTV equipment previously used by the hospital, the active monitoring, RAID NVR and end-to-end integration of the megapixel solutions have effectively increased security for hospital staff, patients, visitors, as well as hospital assets.


The City Hospital 8th September was built in early 1970s as a major regional military hospital for the former Yugoslavia. The total area of the facility is approximately 40,000 square meters. Located about 2.5 km from the city center, the City Hospital provides secondary and tertiary medical care with first-class, efficient and cost-effective services for the city of Skopje and Macedonia.


Complex Application Environment and Sensitive Operations
“Security in and around hospitals is always a major concern due to the open nature of these institutions and the sensitivity of hospital operations”, said Nakev Slavco of NIK Sistemi, the project integrator. Looking specifically at the City Hospital, every day more than 1,000 people visit the hospital, including patients and their families, medical professionals, as well as hospital suppliers. In addition, security requirements for many areas in the hospital, such as patient rooms and supply rooms, are much more stringent than in regular surveillance applications. For these reasons, the fact that megapixel cameras can cover an area six times larger than traditional CCTV cameras can be especially beneficial to hospital security in spacious locations like the lobby and parking lots. Furthermore, for some specific operation scenarios, such as payment handling and medicine pickup, the megapixel cameras are used to provide six time better detail.

Solution Stability and I/O Performance
“Many years of experience in the surveillance industry have taught us that the key aspects of a stable security surveillance system are the back-end storage and software/hardware integration of the overall management system”, said Slavco. These aspects also affect the integration and compatibility of front-end IP cameras. For the system integrator, the 32 channel megapixel project seemed pretty straightforward, but in terms of CCTV systems this would equal 256 CIF camera recording, and the high bandwidth and storage demand of these cameras could generate major challenges in terms of overall application quality
and stability.

System Integration Risks

“Most NVR solutions are purely software–based and require SIs to integrate the software and hardware themselves”, said Slavco. “The level of integration in these solutions is often low. With weak system compatibility and integration, the SI has to spend much time on certification and control. In addition, I/O and storage system integration, as well as concerns related to performance and stability, often give SIs pause when working with megapixel solutions.”


NIK Sistemi, an experienced integrator in the security industry, preferred comprehensive end-to-end megapixel solutions due to their high level of integration and certification. Many leading security companies, such as Bosch, Honeywell, Siemens, IndigoVision, and Nice Vision all offered these types of solutions. However, due to limited budgets and without a need for complex software, NIK Sistemi started looking for a cost-effective, yet reliable solution that could meet the customer’s requirements.

For the hospital project, NIK Sistemi adopted two Surveon SMR5016 smart megapixel recorders, 30 megapixel vari-focal dome CAM4220 cameras and two IP66 outdoor CAM3260 cameras with D/N and IR LED for installation in different areas of the hospital. Besides the embedded display function of the SMR5016, with Surveon’s VMS client server structure users can also easily monitor images from a remote site by installing a client program. This structure greatly enhances surveillance management efficiency for the hospital.


City Hospital 8th September, Skopje, Macedonia

Facility Size:

40,000 square meters

Hospital Needs:

  • Megapixel solutions offering better images for large areas and better details
  • Improve monitoring in the open areas and sensitive operations
  • Prevent unauthorized entries
  • Provide more active managements and instantaneous reactions to incidents
  • Remote monitoring from any site in the hospital
  • Enhance surveillance management efficiency
  • Reduce cost for surveillance system maintenance

Surveon Solution:

Highly integrated solution with the following:
  • CAM4220 megapixel vari-focal dome cameras
  • CAM3260 IP66 outdoor with D/N and IR LED cameras
  • SMR5016 smart megapixel RAID recorders
  • Surveon video analytics

Surveon Solution Benefits:

  • The only all-in-one solution that meets 60-day recording
  • Exemplary performance, distinguishingly stable HD and zero frame loss
  • HW RAID NVR ensures megapixel recording reliability
  • Real-time VI detection upgrades security managements
  • Complete solution simplifies project integration
  • Smart investigation for easy case management
  • 100% in-house design and production
  • 3 year warranty



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NIK Sistemi DOOEL Skopje was founded in 1991 and for 20 years, it has been a leader in installation and integration in the businesses of surveillance, alarm, access control, automation, and healthcare.

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