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Surveon EonServ 7000 Series

Powerful storage server with affordable budget


Product Overview


Product Advantages

- Certified with Milestone XProtect® Corporate:

1. Support up to 680 CH @2MP / 570 CH @3MP / 360 CH @5MP cameras recording.
2. In the Milestone test, the single CPU model of EonServ 7000 outperforms the competitors’ dual CPU models.

- High Throughput:

Provide a high level of recording throughput of over 3500 Mbps, ensuring cameras can record and be viewed reliably.
  High Throughput Low Throughput
Channel Number More Less
Bitrate Higher Lower
Frame Rate Higher Lower

- Solid Data Protection:

Built-in Infortrend RAID+Spare with Intelligent Drive Integrity (IDR) for prevention of data corruption and drive rebuild.
Protection Level Ranking RAID Level Min. HDD
Storage Capacity* Recommend Use
RAID 1 + Spare 3 ½ N-1 hard disk  
RAID 1 2 ½ N hard disk  
RAID 6 + Spare 5 N-3 hard disk
RAID 6 4 N-2 hard disk
RAID 5 + Spare 4 N-2 hard disk
RAID 5 3 N-1 hard disk  
Intelligent Drive Integrity (IDR)
*N is the HDD installed in Surveon NVR

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