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New Arrival
High Reliability

▪ Wide Temperatures

Handle harsh outdoor conditions including -40°C ~ 60°C temperature environment (by model)

▪ IP67

Protected from dust and against the effects of water

▪ IK10

Vandal resistant

Advanced Video Function

▪ HLC (Highlight Compensation)

Help resolve details in darker areas under very brightly lit conditions

▪ WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Correct the intense back light surrounding a subject and enhance the ability to distinguish its feature, color and shape

▪ 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction

Remove noise from a signal to improve image quality for better object identification

▪ ROI (Region of Interest)

Allow images to be compressed to the suitable quality with the lower bit rate, saving bandwidth and storage

▪ Defog

Improve the quality of the captured images in poor weather conditions, such as fog, smog or smoke, enhancing the visibility and details of the images

▪ Privacy Mask

Allow areas of an image to be hidden from view to protect sensitive parts of an image being seen

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