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SurveOne Phase 1.2

An exclusive web-based easy system management tool


Batch upgrade camera firmware through web-interface (IE)

Revise camera IP addresses

▪  Stream setting


Real-time System Status Monitoring

▪  NVR/camera system status overview
▪  NVR device/network/storage real-time status monitoring
▪  Camera real-time status monitoring

Easy Configuration and Maintenance

▪  Easy NVR/camera configuration copy
▪  Easy NVR/camera configuration backup/restore
▪  Easy camera firmware online upgrade
▪  Easy multiple cameras batch setting

Real-time Classified Event Logs for Quicker Actions

▪  NVR/camera real-time event log information
▪  Critical error/error/warning multi-level event classifications

Monitor Anytime, Anywhere

▪  Easy to check the status in a browser by using HTTP
▪  Critical error/error/warning multi-level event classifications

SMR Series
NVR3000 Series
NVR5400 Series
NVR2104 Series
NVR7300 Series

User Manual
Video Guide

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