The Surveon Megapixel Solution Certification Program (MSCP) is designed to enable Surveon's partners with professional knowledge for promoting Surveon's complete megapixel solutions. The MSCP includes a series of training courses and certifications from IP video basics, business correspondence, product details, to technical support. All Surveon partners should have a specified number of staff complete the MSCP.


MSCP Levels

The MSCP program consists of three levels: Basic, Business, and Technical Levels; After completing the program, you will have a better understanding of the IP surveillance industry and how to successfully deploy a megapixel solution using Surveon products.

Level Capability
MSCP Basic Level
1.Understand how the surveillance industry has developed
2.Understand the basic elements of a surveillance system
3.Understand the basic technical structure of an IP Camera
4.Understand the basic technical structure of VMS
5.Understand basics of new product design and product selection
6.Understand Surveon’s market positioning and focus
MSCP Business Level
1.Possess all capabilities defined in the MSCP Basic Level
2.Understand all product lineups of Surveon
3.Familiar with the selling points of Surveon products
4.Capable of selecting appropriate Surveon products
5.Capable of designing basic solutions for Surveon products
6.Familiar with basic VMS & IP Camera operations
MSCP Technical Level
1.Possess all capabilities defined in the MSCP Basic Level
2.Familiar with technical parameters in Surveon IP Cameras
3.Familiar with technical parameters in Surveon VMS/NVR
4.Capable of designing advanced solutions for Surveon products
5.Capable of configuring basic storage RAID systems

MSCP Training Courses


We provide s series of courses cover a variety of topics including network video products, system design, and software integration. By attending our program, you will be able to get the certification to prove your skills.

Surveon Certification Course – Basic
Course Code Topic Targeted Trainee Time (Hours)
MSCP-BA01 IP Surveillance Basic All 2
MSCP-BA02 Surveon Market Position All 2
MSCP-BB01 IP Camera Basic All 2
MSCP-BB02 Surveon IP Camera Introduction All 2
MSCP-BC01 Video Management Software Basic All 2
MSCP-BC02 Surveon VMS Introduction All 2
Surveon Certification Course – Business
Course Code Topic Targeted Trainee Time (Hours)
MSCP-SA01 Surveon Complete Megapixel Solutions Product / Sales Manager 2
MSCP-SA02 Product Feature Highlights Product / Sales Manager 2
MSCP-SA03 Megapixel Video Solution Design Product / Sales Manager 2
Surveon Certification Course – Technical
Course Code Topic Targeted Trainee Time (Hours)
MSCP-TA01 Surveon Complete Megapixel Solutions Technical Support / Manager
MSCP-TA02 VMS & NVR Advanced Technical Support / Manager
MSCP-TA03 Solution Design
Technical Support / Manager
MSCP-TA04 Solution Practice
Technical Support / Manager

Surveon Partner Program & MSCP Requirements

Partner Level MSCP Requirement
3 x MSCP Business Level
6 x MSCP Technical Level
2 x MSCP Business Level
3 x MSCP Technical Level

2 x MSCP Basic Level

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